Post Doctoral Researchers

Alessio Lavino

A postdoctoral researcher based at Imperial College London, employed under the Enhanced Multiscale Boiling Surfaces (EMBOSS ) project which is a £1.7m programme in collaboration with the University of Brunel and the University of Edinburgh. EMBOSS aims at combining experimental and computational techniques, in a multiscale framework, from molecular to millimetres, improving the rational design, fabrication, and optimisation of operational prototypes of pool-boiling thermal management systems. Collaboration with Omar Matar Alessio_research



Hanqiao Che

A postdoctoral researcher at Imperial College London on coupling discrete element method (DEM) and computational fluid dynamics using the CPL library framework. His recent work has explored using Voronoi tessellation to extract average flow fields from DEM simulations for use in coupled models. Collaboration with Catherine O'Sullivan Hanqiao_research



Doctoral Researchers

Muhammad Rizwanur Rahman

His current research aims to understand thin-films and interfaces. This started with an exploration of the intrinsic interface to understand the networks of stresses and how these determine the surface tension

The effect of hole growth in a film was his next work, looking at the rate of growth compared to the Taylor Cullick approximation doi:10.48550/arXiv.2211.10358 Muhammad is based at Imperial funded by the Beit Fellowship for Scientific Research and Shell PhD Studentship, and supervised by Daniele Dini


Max Scholz

A doctoral researcher based at Brunel to explore the effect of a porous trailing edge on aeroacoustic performance of an aerofoil using CFD,

Simulations using OpenFOAM Reynolds-Averaged Navier Stokes and Large Eddy Simulations to optimise the design validated using experimental measurements in Brunel University Wind Tunnel. Collaboration with Tze Pei Chong

combined with experimental measurements in Brunel's wind tunnel facilities. . website


Wen Jun (Sonic)

A doctoral researcher based at Imperial working on MEMS, NEMS, microtexturing, coatings. His recent work explores molecular simulation of bubbles and droplets on surfaces, collaboration with Daniele Dini Wen_Jun



Eduardo Ramos-Fernandez

A doctoral researcher based at Imperial working on coupled simulation of Molecular Dynamics (MD) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) collaboration with Daniele Dini Eduardo_Ramos_Fernandez



Masters Students

Hrishikesh Shinde

A project to measure droplets using an acoustic levitator, which Hrishi built. The resulting setup was used to explore droplet mixing video and compared to numerical results.


Moris Kalderon

A project Comparative Analysis of Porosity Coarse-Graining Techniques for Discrete Element Simulations of Dense Particulate Systems in Civil Engineering, Imperial College London in a collaboration with Catherine O'Sullivan